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Your job doesn’t need to feel like work. Your life doesn’t need to feel out of balance.

Yet, so many of my clients are putting all their energy into their careers, only to end up with a nagging sense of dissatisfaction in both their personal and professional lives.

How about you?

Are you overwhelmed with the responsibility of being a leader and have a secret fear about being able to keep up with it all? Are you in a job you’ve worked hard to achieve, but don’t feel the sense of excitement or satisfaction you thought you’d find with this achievement? Are you one of the many women I work with who feel exhausted and struggle with finding time to take a breath, enjoy their families, or pursue the hobbies and experiences that light them up?

See, I get it.

I spent the last 25 years of my career working for Fortune 500 companies, and of that time, over 20 leading teams. As an experienced leader, I know what it takes to be successful in a complex role with many competing priorities. To be an effective leader, you need to be clear about your strengths, your vision, and have the confidence to lead with your own style.

And while I was a successful leader, there were many points along my journey where I held back. I earned promotions to new roles, but at times felt like an imposter. I worked hard to fit into an environment that didn’t fit my strengths and natural leadership style, and I did so at the cost of my own personal wellbeing.

So I made a life-changing decision.  

I invested in myself and hired a coach. While I had been coaching leaders for many years as part of my job, I needed the objectivity of an objective expert to help me get really clear about what was in my way of feeling confident and fulfilled in my career and life.

And I learned that I was the one standing in my own way.

I worked to overcome my self-doubt and found my strength as a leader. I learned how my own perfectionistic and people-pleaser traits got in my way of standing up for what I wanted — at work and in my personal life. This discovery ultimately gave me the confidence and clarity I needed to make massive shifts in my habits, mindset, and leadership behaviors.

And, trust me, this lesson didn’t simply come to me from my personal self-discovery.

It came from a career focused on global talent development and organizational effectiveness. It came from developing leaders and designing mentoring and strategic leadership programs. It came from coaching many senior corporate leaders and supporting them in their search for clarity.

Because of my own journey, and my 20+ years leading teams focused on leadership development, I am extremely passionate about helping people gain confidence in their roles and gain clarity in their life and career — just like I did.

I want you to feel the freedom of loving your career and living with balance.

To feel like you can show up with confidence every day and make a difference in the world. To feel the clarity of knowing what you want to achieve and how to get there.

Together, we can do that.

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